Friday, December 24, 2004

Friday Cat Blogging!!

Well, it's Christmas Eve and it's also Friday so we HAVE to have cats! Today I want to introduce you to Simon Burgess - Cynthia's wonderful kitty-boy. I first met Simon when his name was Lucky and he was up for adoption at Woodland Animal Hospital. I told Cynthia about him and she went to meet him and the rest is history. (His original name was very auspicious wasn't it? He's a lucky, lucky cat to have found the Burgess home.) One of Cynthia's screen savers has a picture of Simon with the caption, "Kitty from Heaven". He is quite wonderful and very photogenic. Here's a sample. You can count on seeing more of him on Fridays in the future.

May you all have a GREAT holiday and may kitties everywhere dream of catnip sugarplums dancing in their wee little heads!

Simon looking quite stunning

Simon in his precious little bed

Simon on the stairs at Cynthia's house

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