Friday, December 10, 2004

Freedom from Fear

I found the following on this web site:
This is exactly why we practice accepting thoughts without judgment. I think this little paragraph is beautifully put.

Becoming more accepting of things not being the way you want affects so many different aspects of your life. You become more accepting of things not going the way you want in life and people not acting how they’re "supposed to" act. These are the main causes of anger in life so you become less angry in circumstances that tend to make you angry and less angry in general. As you become more accepting of things not going how you want, you start to feel more like, "Whatever happens, happens. I’ll deal with it." This helps get rid of the natural fear of the unknown which tends to keep people from having a full life because they’re afraid of the negative possibility of new experiences. In the same way, it helps get rid of people’s fear of change. As you become less fearful of the unknown, you become less fearful of the future being different from how you want. And when you aren’t afraid of the future, you can enjoy the present more fully.

Hope everyone's weekend is good.


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  1. "Seek the truth; come whence it may,
    lead where it will, cost what it may."

    This is from the Reverend Dr. William Sparrow, professor at Virginia Theological Seminary in the 19th century.

    Ellie quoted it this morning, and it seems to me to be a fitting comment on this article.


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