Thursday, October 20, 2005

Letting go of superiority

It is common for the ego to delight in other people's mistakes or other groups' inadequacies so that the ego is pumped up. This need to feel superior is addressed by Scott Morrison in his book, There Is Only Now:
It's time we stop pretending, subtly or overtly, that our particular group is superior in some way. That's a hidden way of saying, "I'm superior," (and therefore not inferior). Let's bring our woundedness, our childhood fears and hurts of inferiority, covered over by the pretense of individual or collective superiority to a total and absolute halt. Completely. Now. If there are tears to be shed, then let's shed them together, and for each other. And let those tears of shame be tears of relief, tears of joy, in finally putting down this burden of trying to defend and justify what we have imagined ourselves to be. What doesn't exist doesn't need to be defended. It never did.

The idealized self doesn't exit. The shame-covered inadequate self also doesn't exit. We have made them up - both of them. Let's all let go. Let's not wait! Let's do it today.

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