Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What, then, is love?

Years ago, someone gave me a little book called There Is Only Now by Scott Morrison who, at that time, was living and teaching in Tulsa. Sadly, I never met him for I later learned that he had died.

Today, I came across the book and want to share a passage that I particularly like:
Then what, exactly, is love? Like awareness, it is impossible to put into words exactly what love is. Love is a lot bigger than words or concepts or the mind process that creates and reinforces them. However, most people recognize love when it is present, and a good rule of thumb is that true love always tastes like, always feels like, freedom.

Love is, in fact, what you discover you are, when you cease to be preoccupied with yourself as a separate entity with its endless ambitions, problems and worries. When you discover that your True Nature is love, and you give yourself to That, you will realize complete freedom and happiness, and your struggles with the world will come to an end, if that is what you truly want.

Remember that love feels like freedom. If an emotional attachment causes you to feel imprisoned in some way, it probably isn't really love but is rather an infatuation or an obsession of some kind. Let go and let yourself be free. If love is real, you will not lose it but, rather, will experience it even more deeply.

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  1. I am so moved by your thoughts on love. I recently heard a phrase that resonated within me: True love always brings freedom. Freedom to be.

    Thanks for continually representing that freedom! You so rock. :)


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