Saturday, October 29, 2005

Meditation for life

I just found a web page called Shambhala. Here's something the site says about the all encompassing nature of meditation:
When we begin to meditate, the first thing we realize is how wild things are-how wild our mind is, how wild our life is. But once we begin to have the quality of being tamed, when we can sit with ourselves, we realize there's a vast wealth of possibility that lies in front of us. Meditation is looking at our own backyard, you could say, looking at what we really have and discovering the richness that already exists. Discovering that richness is a moment-to-moment process, and as we continue to practice our awareness becomes sharper and sharper.

This mindfulness actually envelopes our whole life. It is the best way to appreciate our world, to appreciate the sacredness of everything. We add mindfulness and all of a sudden, the whole situation becomes alive. This practice soaks into everything that we do; there's nothing left out. Mindfulness pervades sound and space. It is a complete experience.

I love the observation that mindfulness teaches us to appreciate the sacredness of everything. When we do that it is impossible to be bored or resentful or to indulge in self-pity. Appreciating the sacredness of everything is a way of cultivating equanimity, peace of mind and simple delight. It is a wonderful way to live.

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