Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hermit Power

Here's another suggestion from 1,001 Meditations by Mike George:
Hermit Power - This visualization will put you in touch with a more contemplative way of living - an antidote to the action-oriented culture of Western society. Imagine that you are living like a hermit in a cave. Completely alone, free from the demands and restrictions imposed by work, family, relationships and the rest of the outside world, there is little to distract you from the present moment. Whether you are tending to your basic needs for food, warmth and cleanliness, or engaged in quiet contemplation, you are completely present with yourself - able to appreciate the joy of simply being alive. How would it feel to live such a life? Consider how you can bring some of the benefits of hermit-living into your everyday routine.

Well, one way is to cultivate the "hermitage within". We can be surrounded by people and activity and yet have a place within that is solitary and deeply quiet. But, of course, we need a certain level of literal silence in order to learn how to find that place reliably. Get creative. Find ways of being alone for the purpose of getting to know your own deep center. It will then become easier and easier to tap into the reality of silence and solitude.

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