Thursday, April 06, 2006

The source of suffering

When you are in the world of the thinking mind, you are somewhere in the remembered past or the imagined future. You are in a world of thought, memory, concept, idea, opinion and belief. You are not here now. What you are experiencing is not of the present moment. It is not real. You are in a world of illusion... and yet you have come to believe that it real. Almost the entire human population is lost in this illusion. It is the sole source of our suffering.

~ Leonard Jacobson

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  1. My lovely Buddhist wife reminds me of the illusion of life from time to time, but I'm a poet and live in the world of illusion for I must use the language that anchors us in reality and its illusions to create the illusions of poetry. Sometimes, but rarely, I transcend reality and touch something else.


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