Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bold, fearless, and powerful

Here's a passage from Five Good Minutes by Brantley and Millstine to help us get in touch with our inner courage:
True acts of bravery are much easier to notice in others than in yourself. Each of us, though, has at least done one or two things in life that proved to be real acts of courage. A woman who has given birth is very brave. It takes bravery to find the strength to ask for help when you really need it. It takes a courageous person to quit his or her job and find a better one. Take the next five minutes to recall the times in your life, however brief or small, when you faced something challenging and found the power to overcome it.

1. Think of a time that you acted bravely.
2. What was hard about it?
3. How did it feel to be brave?
4. What can you do to commit to an act of bravery today?

The times that you have triumphed over adversity are living proof that you are a person who is capable of being bold, fearless, and powerful.
What comes to mind instantly for me is the times I've moved. For me, moving is enormously stressful and often has entailed real risk. I can certainly affirm myself for the bravery in going for it - even when the process of moving seemed overwhelmingly difficult.

Ponder what takes courage for you. Don't worry about whether anyone else would consider that it would take bravery or not. What matters in this exercise is your own experience.

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