Thursday, June 29, 2006

The diamond meditation

Here's another sample from 1,001 Meditations by Mike George:
Like a diamond, the spirit has many facets which radiate light into the world. Each facet is an essential quality - for example, love, peace, compassion, acceptance and patience. During the course of a week choose one essential quality each morning and meditate upon it, allowing it to shape your consciousness. Each evening reflect on how that facet of your spirit expressed itself during the day.

The above meditation can be enhanced by doing a written reflection process on each of the qualities named. For example, we could have a question like this: How can I cultivate the quality of compassion in my life today? Work with the question in a spacious way on paper. Reflect on the other qualities in the same manner. Then at the end of the week, examine all the reflection papers together and see what you've learned about yourself.

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