Sunday, June 11, 2006

The holy thing inside you

I'm very fond of Anne Lamott. Mind you, my theology is probably somewhat different from hers. She's a bit more conservative than I am, I think. But our approaches to the inner life and to personal healing are very compatible. Here's something she said in Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith that I found today:
From the wise old pinnacle of my years, I can tell you that what you’re looking for is already inside you. The holy thing inside you really is that which causes you to seek it. You can’t buy it, lease it, rent it, date it, or apply for it. The best job in the world can’t give it to you. Neither can success, or fame, or financial security. You can close your eyes and feel the divine spark concentrated in you, like a little Dr. Seuss firefly. In the Christian tradition, they say that the soul rejoices in hearing what it already knows. And so you pay attention when that Dr. Seuss creature inside you sits up and strains to hear.
That reality inside all of us is our true nature and we acknowledge, get in touch with, celebrate our true nature by having a rich and committed meditative practice.

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