Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day meditation

A meditation teacher named Susan Kramer has a regular column on the website BellaOnline. I've brought you her meditations before and I'm happy to do that again today as a Labor Day special. Here's what she has to say:
Labor Day is dedicated to rest, relaxation and celebrating all the effort we put into work.

This is a perfect opportunity to commemorate through a walking meditation in nature …

To begin, pick a familiar trail so you needn't worry about where your next step may lead, while reflecting inwardly on the benefits received in your life by giving "your all" to work.

Set out in an even rhythm such as taking 2 steps to breathe in and 2 steps to breathe out. Let your arms swing at your sides - right arm and left leg forward, then left arm and right leg forward. This practice develops right-left brain synchronicity.

Walking along in stride let your thoughts turn to appreciation for all gained in life by your labors, such as the essentials of life for yourself and family, and the companionship of coworkers and colleagues.
This is an exercise in appreciation, isn't it? While you're at it, why not contemplate with appreciation and gratitude all the working class people who make your way of life possible - from field laborers to service industry workers to clerks in stores. Then do what you can in terms of action to support economic justice for all.

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