Thursday, January 18, 2007

More on the benefits of meditation

Here's an article from the UK about the benefits of meditation. It's called "Meditation - fad, fiction or fact". An excerpt:
Meditation may appear to be something that only the rich, famous or religious can do, but a new wave of research demonstrates that there are real, tangible health benefits if practised regularly.

Medical research across the world is beginning to awaken to the possibility that regular practise of meditation; relaxation and visualisation techniques can help to reduce the stress hormones in our blood that influence our long-term health and well-being.
Lorraine Murray: "There is a gathering amount of evidence to suggest that the more we practice these techniques, our body responds by reducing the levels of Cortisol in our blood stream. It can be quite a self empowering step to learn these methods and many people find that it enables them to manage and accept change in their lives, often situations that are responsible for higher levels of stress."
In order to reap the benefits, we really need to meditate. Come to class if you can. Schedule a daiily sitting at home - if only for five minutes.

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