Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The swinging door

Oh, that ego! Wouldn't it be nice if we could just let it go? Here's a passage that tells us how to train ourselves to do just that. It's from that wonderful classic, Zen Mind, Beginners Mind:

When we practice meditation our mind always follows our breathing. Inhale, the air comes into the inner world. Exhale, the air goes to the outer world. The inner world is limitless, and the outer world is also limitless. We say "inner world" or "outer world," but actually there is just one whole world. In this limitless world, our throat is like a swinging door.

The air comes in and goes out like someone passing through a swinging door.

If you think, "I breathe," the "I" is extra. There is no you to say "I." What we call "I" is just a swinging door which moves when we inhale and when we exhale. It just moves; that is all.

When your mind is pure and calm enough to follow this movement, there is nothing: no "I," no world, no mind nor body; just a swinging door.

--Shunryu Suzuki

I found this on a very interesting blog called Business Zen.

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