Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Peace and generosity

This is from a book called Voices of Our Ancestors:

Any human who feels that he or she is not "good enough" to cultivate peace and generosity is overlooking the wondrous gift of life. You live, therefore you are good enough.

-- Dhyani Ywahoo

If I am just a little more peaceful than I was yesterday, if I am just a little more generous than I was yesterday, I am on the path. It can be something very simple. It can be not giving in to self-pity. It can be taking just another minute on the phone to be pleasant. We don't have to stop a war or donate a fortune in order to practice peace and generosity. But perhaps our practice, small as it is, will shift the overall energy of the world so that the person who is in a position to stop a war or donate a fortune will be able to do so.


  1. Thank you for this reminder of the impact of small actions. Your blog brings me such peace!

  2. OK—if one is always holding before one's nose, thoughts and conundrums of others about "becoming" a better person or paths to becoming a better person, so that one always has the sense of falling short, how does one acheive the serenity everyone seems to want? If one says, I'll never be perfect, I'll always fall short, thus, it is best to admit and accept I'm flawed, always will be, and, so what, so is everyone else, then some modicum of serenity might befall me some day when I accidentally look up without purpose and see a dove flashing by out of the corner of my eye.


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