Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A compassion opportunity

TONKA - Bengal Tiger

Those of you who also visit Child of Illusion may have already read about a wonderful organization called Noah's Lost Ark which gives a permanent haven to unwanted and abused exotic animals. On that blog, I told you the story of Hawk, the African lion. Now I want to tell you about Tonka, a Bengal Tiger:
Tonka arrived with Hawk and Pumpkin. All were kept in tiny, filthy cages. Tonka was severely malnourished and the big cats' bodies were caked with their own feces. They had urine burns all over them from lying in their own waste. Lethargic and weak from not eating, Tonka couldn't even hold his head up the first time we saw him. Our vet says he only weighed 200 pounds upon arrival. Closer to 350 or more is normal!
But Tonka is now thriving as you can tell by the picture above.

Stories about abused animals are almost more than I can bear. I urgently encourage you to explore the Noah's Lost Ark website for there you will find many more such stories. Because of the organization's dedicated work, these animals enjoy a happy ending after all.

I have already sent in a donation by snail mail but you can also contribute on line. Here's the link:


And here's their contact information:

Noah's Lost Ark, Inc.
Telephone: 330-584-7835
Postal address: 8424 Bedell Rd., Berlin Center, Oh 44401
Electronic mail: noahslostark@aol.com

Please, please send them a donation - even if only a little bit. Small donations really add up. I know! That's how St. John's Center survives.

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