Sunday, May 27, 2007

Using prompts throughout the day

I've had much success over the years in using environmental prompts to bring me to mindfulness. Back when I was training myself to say the Jesus Prayer (a form of mantra meditation) I reminded myself to say it whenever I looked at a clock or my watch. Another prompt was fastening my seatbelt. Still another was sudden noises - such as a school bell or a siren. Prompts are recommended in the little book a told you about a few days ago - Self-Meditation by Barbara Ann Kipfer. Here are two examples:
Each time you open a door, take a few mindful breaths.
When the phone rings, pause for a moment to let it ring. Listen to it. Relax before you pick it up.
Those are very good suggestions. I recommend that you look for other possible prompts throughout your day that will help you center and focus.

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