Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Meditate for energy

CNN has an article today on their website entitled "10 fresh ways to boost your energy now". One of the ways is "Meditate for a minute". Here are the instructions:

Time-crunched? Great news: You can reap the benefits of meditation - a hike in alertness and attention - in three-minute minibreaks. "They're like little tune-ups," [Dr. Judith] Orloff says.

She recommends an a.m. session before you start your day and a noon meditation before that typical 3 o'clock crash hits. Find a quiet place (even if it's the bathroom) and mentally focus on an image that brings you pleasure: the ocean, a flower, the sun, your cat; continue to keep the image in your mind's eye as you breathe deeply (roughly 10 seconds for each inhale and exhale). With a little practice, Orloff says, you'll become more skilled at maintaining focus and can add more short meditations to your day, whenever you need revitalizing.

I've long been an advocate of taking refuge in the bathroom for a quick meditation break. Nobody can object if you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom!

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