Thursday, April 10, 2008

Relaxation Tips

I found these on a site called Chill Out Rooms:
* Guided meditation - There are several CDs on the market that actually guide you verbally and with sound effects and music through a brief relaxation session. These can be great for the home or lunch break, just be sure to set an alarm in case you fall asleep!

* Deep breaths - An oldie but a goody. For about a solid 30 seconds breath slowly and deeply. Inhale through your nose and exhale out of your mouth. This will restore your nerves when frazzled and help you separate from a situation before you lose it.

* Hot bath - Take the phone off the hook and give yourself 30 minutes of “you” time. Essential oils, soft music, dim lights…and sleeping kids really enhance this experience. I personally enjoy this one with some hot tea.

* Exercise - Exercising releases endorphins which in layman’s terms just make you feel good. While the endorphins bring you emotional calmness and stimulation, you’ll get the added benefit of doing something great for your overall health. Don’t make the common misconception of thinking that you can only exercise in a gym. Take a short walk around the block, do push ups in your living room, or, yes, dust of that old treadmill and see if it still works! After a great workout take that hot bath as recommended above.

* Reading - Reading is a great escape from the entire world. You can leave all the deadlines, obligations and the stresses behind when engrossed in a great book. Just don’t burn dinner or forget to clock back in!
These are basic and pretty obvious, aren't they? But they're nevertheless easy to forget. Let's keep reminding ourselves!

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  1. For a year, I went for a 45-minute walk after work. It helped me leave work at work. It let me (diabetic) have a cookie break mid-afternoon I couldn't have had otherwise. And because I walked more or less the same route every day, I got to see wonderful things. A house being built. The gardens change. Little kids getting picked up after school who grew into bigger kids.

    The thing was, whenever the walk started taking less than 45 minutes (as I got healthier and faster), I'd add another block. But I kept basically the same route. Very mindful. And un-mindful at the same time.


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