Sunday, October 25, 2009

Meditation and health

I want to share an article with you called Swine Flu: Is Meditation the Best Medication? that I found this morning. It takes issue with a purely material and mechanistic view of health and disease and also discusses the place of meditation in an overall approach to one's health. Here's a little bit:
Are people who meditate more healthy? I am not aware of any scientific studies, but based on my own experience with many different types of meditation which includes association with various groups, schools, and teachers of meditation, I would have to say they appear to be. Or at least they worry less about their physical health, take illness more in stride, and are able to recover faster when it occurs.

One thing is sure: long-term practice of meditation on a daily basis seems to raise the energy level of the body. This makes a difference because the body is like an energy-filled vessel. If this energy leaks through negative emotions, unnecessary physical tension, and the constant churning of the mind, the body will suffer a general state of depletion, which is bound to make it more susceptible to disease. It also makes a difference if one avoids much of the jarring imagery churned out by the mass media through violent and disturbing films, TV programming, video games, etc.

These health-related factors which have been understood by traditional societies for millennia are also starting to be realized by millions of ordinary people in every walk of life.
Sounds like a fairly balanced approach to me.


  1. Great blog. Have you ever practiced Christian Meditation before? Listen to the Psalms being read to you while you Meditate on them. They need to be read very very slow to get into it. I have a political blog you might like. Stop by soemtime and say hi.

  2. To me too - although I stop short of blaming major life illnesses on one's meditative or spiritual life - I'm not suggesting that you don't! I do have a regular meditation and spiritual life and - probably along with my flu shot:) - seem to have a quicker recovery than a lot of my non-meditative friends. On the other hand, my spouse, who NEVER misses a day w/o his time in prayer and meditation does seem prone to colds and I guess the answer is to do what works for one's self. Thanks for the post.


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