Saturday, October 03, 2009

Meditation and anger

In the Saturday morning class at the Center we're in a series on anger. I happened to find a little article on line called "Basic Goodness, Anger, and Meditation" that I like very much. Here are a couple of the important points:
One of the ways meditation helps with anger is by uncovering our natural positive qualities. Meditation isn’t about creating some ideal state; rather it is a process of letting go, of shedding our superficial confusion, so that our true nature can come forth.
Often people think meditation is about stopping our thoughts, or emptying the mind, which are misconceptions. Anyway it’s impossible to stop our thoughts, since the mind is an ongoing phenomenal display with much vividness and power. The idea of meditation is that we can be present with our thoughts in a simple way.
I really like that very last sentence. It's so easy to be present with our thoughts in a complicated way and that tends to create suffering.

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