Monday, December 28, 2009

More about compassion

This is truly something to ponder:

Aligning our minds with the most compassionate words and thoughts we can muster can bring connection and a sense of peace. For some, it means giving up almost an entire way of life, but only this will allow glints of joy to shine through.

-- Laura Berman Fortgang

I'm really saddened by the assertion that "for some, it means giving up almost and entire way of life." I can only imagine how very difficult that must be even if someone is at all willing to attempt it. Maybe that can help us have compassion especially on those who seem to have none for others.

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  1. I recently left a job for my own sanity. Several workers had such a negative outlook on life... about everything! It was infectious. I was determined not to be drawn in to the 'hate', but found myself building barriers to keep their dark energy out. This also stopped good energy reaching me. Life is too short to dwell - and I'm much happier now I'm away.


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