Saturday, December 12, 2009

A review of meditation benefits

I've brought you this information before from time to time but I think it's a good idea for us to remind ourselves of the following on a regular basis:

Meditation has the following physiological health benefits:

* Meditation leads to a decrease in the metabolic rate and also lowers the heart rate. This indicates a state of deep rest and good regeneration. * Meditation can reduce stress which is indicated by lowered levels of stress-hormones like cortisol.
* Meditation also reduces high blood pressure, and the benefits of these are known to all.
* Meditation can help asthma patients and make them breathe easier.
* Meditation appears to slow down the aging process of the brain and also thicken the grey matter of the brain, which only leads to an increase in the size of the brain.

Meditation has the following psychological health benefits, and these are proven by many numerous studies:

* Meditation leads to an increase in the coherence of brain wave patterns in the brain, which goes to suggest that it improves creativity and learning and alters the way the brain works.
* Meditation helps in decreasing anxiety and depression and also irritability and moodiness.
* Meditation leads to an improved memory.
* Meditation increases the euphoric feelings of joy and happiness and contentment.
* Meditation leads to an increase in emotional stability.
The above is from a little article entitled Meditation Class for Your Well Being from a website called Carrie and Danielle.

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