Thursday, December 17, 2009

Once again, folks, it's all material!

Beliefnet published an article this morning all about the challenges many people face when spending time with their families over the holidays. Here's one of the tips that's very much in line with meditative principles:
Envision your family situation as an inspiring growth challenge. If one of your spiritual goals in life is to learn patience, compassion, forgiveness, or serenity, your difficult family members can give you some wonderful “feel the burn” workouts! It’s no sweat to be patient, compassionate, forgiving, or serene with people who aren't in your family, but if you can learn to do it with your most irritating blood relatives, then in looking back at your life you will definitely be able to say you’ve done some crucial inner work on your spiritual journey.
The article is entitled "Making Peace with Your Family" and you can read all of it starting right here.

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  1. Teresa W.9:08 AM

    Thanks, Sister Ellie! Needed that! Timely, as usual, and very much appreciated! Merry Christmas!


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