Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Meditation and pain management

Needless to say, given my hand surgery yesterday, I have pain management on my mind. (Although, don't worry. It's really not all that bad!)

I found a little article written by a woman who tells of a particularly bad night of intense physical pain. She then observes the following:
Then, suddenly, my experience completely changed when I heard a quiet inner voice saying: “You don’t have to get through till morning; you only have to get through the present moment”. It was like a house of cards collapsing, revealing the space that had been present all along, if only I could have recognised it. My experience immediately changed from an agonised, contracted state to one that was soft and rich – despite the physical pain. At that moment of relaxing into the present moment, just as it was, I intuitively knew I had tasted something true.
Learning to stay in the moment reduces suffering more than anything one can imagine. Trust me on this one! It's true and it works.

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