Friday, June 11, 2010

RIP dear Tom

This sweet boy named Tom went to his reward on Tuesday and we send sincere condolences to long-time Center participant Tommi Cox-Phipps, one of Tom's humans. Tommi was with Tom when he died. Tom was well known for his "silent meow" when he was particularly happy.

Here's another picture:

Do say special prayers or send good thoughts to the Cox-Phipps family in their grief and to the fine Tom kitty himself as he waits at the Rainbow Bridge for his loved ones.

Hey, Tom, do look up my precious Henry as well as Ethel and Edgar. I'm sure they will he happy to show you around the place!

PS: Oh, I almost forgot. The pictures above are by our own Cynthia Burgess! You can see more of Cynthia's outstanding work at Imageplay Photography.


  1. Tom - don't miss that beautiful tabby pusscat Fifi, also on the other side now

  2. PS prayers and good thoughts for all those who miss lovely Tom.


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