Thursday, December 07, 2006

Benefits of meditation

I know I've shared with you before about the studies that show how meditation helps people with ADHD but I was really struck with the article I want to pass on today. It's called "Study: Meditation May Help People With ADHD" and here's part of what it says:
Feeling frazzled? Distracted? Stressed Out?

NBC4's Dr. Bruce Hensel reported that for people with Attention Deficit Disorder those feelings are multiplied.
Distractions are even worse for people who are actually diagnosed with Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder - a neurobehavioral condition, who already have difficulty in focusing, organizing, and regulating their moods.
Research is now showing some promising results on an age-old practice: meditation.
Once a week, for eight weeks, the study subjects trained in different forms of meditation.

The exercises are very much to pay attention to how you're paying attention, catching yourself when you're distracted, and bringing yourself back to the present moment.

In cognitive tests taken at the end of the study, the participants got better at staying focused, even when different things were competing for their attention.

Many of them also felt less anxious and depressed by the end of the study.

"It felt like it was a reset on a computer, just like I turned down my whole program and turned it back on, and it was clean. It was a fresh place to start from, and then I can make decisions and do what I had to do," said Kensington [an ADHD patient].
I really like the illustraion of the reset on a computer. I feel that way too. My other image is that of scrubbing bubbles. My mind gets "washed". As an ADHD sufferer myself, I'm truly grateful for the meditative process.

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