Monday, December 25, 2006

Lengthening of light

Photo by Cynthia Burgess

Merry Christmas everyone! We are past the Winter Solstice so the days are starting to get longer again. Here's a meditation by Susan Kramer (who has a regular on line meditation column) about the growing light:
During lengthening days of light
May our actions be lighthearted
Upon right and noble impulses.

During quiet hours beyond dusk, before dawn
May we take time to think over events from the day
Plan for good in the morrow.

In light of day
May we extend our personal borders
Caring and sharing expansively.

So the world glows bright from our presence
May we blaze as beacons of harmony
Lighting the path ahead.

To nurture efforts toward lasting peace
May we with act with kindness toward all
Embracing our family and friends wholeheartedly
Ever gracing our world-wide family lightheartedly.
May the day be lovely for you. If you are with family or friends, may that coming together be peaceful and joyful. If you are alone, may you truly know that you are with the world-wide family this day and always.

Christmas blessings to all!

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