Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The gift of presence

Another one from Spirituality and Practice:

There is a Jewish tradition that a single visit to someone's sickbed takes away one sixtieth of their illness. The ancient sages understood that just being in the presence of another human being can lift a person up.

— Naomi Levy in To Begin Again

Ah, yes, I know this to be true!


  1. What a wonderful quote! Wish I could visit you--but here's a cyber meeting of some sort for you. I care.

  2. PS Email me your address and I'll send you a get well card! hiltjan@gmail.com

  3. Your website has been inspiring me for a while, but now more than ever. I, too, recently had emergency surgery and am in the midst of slow recovery. While I build the strength to face chemo therapy I am finding solace and comfort in your site. Thank you. Barbara

  4. This quote moved me more than I could ever imagine. In this email-telephone world that we live in, it just doesn't substitute for the energy we can share with others just by being with them. However, I have family and friends all over the country, so these tecky-means of communication must suffice, though we must remember the importance of being there for those that need a hand. We all are so very much connected, I wish more of us realized that we should reach out more often.


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