Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cultivating real health

Today I found an article about alternative medicine that mentions meditation. It's called The Real Alternative Medicine and it's by Karen Kisslinger. Here's what she says is the real deal:

*Kale and other greens of the mustard family (this does not include spinach, chard and beets)
*Whole grains, used whole, possibly sprouted, not as flour except occasionally
*Natural Light
*Cooperation and Inclusiveness
*Clean Air and Water
*Moderate Exercise
*Gardening or otherwise growing things
*Good Sleep
*Prudent Avoidance of Toxic Purchases..
And here's what she specifically says about meditation and patience:
Meditation done regularly has many positive health benefits. The brain is proving to be more plastic and changeable than was once widely believed. Practicing meditation can really change our experience of everything for the positive. You DO have time because if you relax and meditate, you'll have more energy more consistently...and more time to work with. That's good medicine... Real Alternative #12.

In modern times, developing patience may be one of the most important practices of alternative medicine. It gives depth to all activities, slows us down and helps us be more present, makes us respect ourselves and others more, and goes beneath the surface and appearance of everything. Real Alternative #13
Fortunately, I love kale! Sadly, I don't prepare it nearly often enough. I think I'll make an effort to buy it more often!

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