Friday, August 07, 2009

One good minute

I just found a short article over on entitled "The one minute meditation technique". Here's one little paragraph that really caught my attention:
In my tai chi classes we always start our practice with a one-minute gratitude meditation. This is a time where we focus on all the things for which we are grateful. Heart Math Institute studies have determined that "appreciative feelings activate the body’s biochemical systems that help diminish stress and stabilize the psyche."
It occurred to me that we could all train ourselves to start our work day in this manner. Suppose that, as soon as we arrive to our workplace, we sit at our desk or stand at our station and simply call to mind what we are grateful for. Then we need to make it routine. I have an idea that our day will tend to go a lot better this way.

By the way, the specific "one minute" technique as described in the article is actually a form of "refuge" practice although the writer doesn't call it that. You might like to click through and read the whole piece.

(The free graphic above was found right here.)

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