Friday, August 17, 2007

Bow meditation

I was taught to do prostrations both as a preparation for sitting meditation and as a meditation in its own right. We were not bowing down to any anything exterior. Rather we were lowering our ego in deference to our own fundamentally enlightened state - our truest nature, if you will. Here's a short piece I found today on bow meditation:
Bowing is one of the most humble and spiritual acts a human can perform. It is an action that simultaneously signifies acceptance and a deep understanding of and feeling toward its object.

Ilchi Lee calls bow meditation "sincerity meditation," because we awaken to the nature of sincerity in the process of bowing. This meditation involves motions through which we become one with the universe.

Choose the number of bows you wish to perform. Bow meditation is also a good meridian exercise. During the meditation, your lower back will be strengthened and your lower abdomen will become warm.
I was also taught that this is a good purification meditation. It's also good for shifting very deeply ingrained habitual tendencies.


  1. I agree that bowing meditation is also a good purification meditation. I've practiced the bowing meditation that Ilchi Lee describes in "Human Technology," and I've found that the more I do it, the more my energy circulates, and the better I can see what's inside--both dark and light. Through bowing meditation it is easier for me to release the darkness and let the light shine through. I also feel more grounded afterwards, as well as more self-acceptance and love in general. I really appreciate learning the exercise.

  2. P.S., Thank you for your insightful blog post.

  3. How very nice for you to visit, Michela. You're so right about the energy aspect of bowing practice. AND the grounding part!

    Hope you come back sometime.

    Blessings in the dharma,


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