Thursday, August 02, 2007

Ditch these myths

This afternoon I decided to clean off the coffee table in my office and I found a photocopy someone had given me of a Family Circle article on meditation. I thought I'd type out the content of one of the sidebars for you:
Ditch these myths:

Meditaion is religious. It can be part of some people's faith practice, but you don't have to buld an altar, dress in robes, burn incense or light candles to meditate.

You must sit in a special position. Although many people like to sit cross-legged or on a cushion with their knees lower than their hips, there's no need to if it's uncomfortable.

You have to make your mind blank. The human brain is always spewing out thoughts. But when you meditate you don't follow them or grab onto them; you clamly let them drift in, then out again.

You need a mantra. While some people choose to repeat a single syllable, word or phrase to themselves, it's just as effective to focus on your breath. [And I would add that other supports such as sound or a visualization can be used as well.]

You go into a trance. On the contrary, you become more focused and aware.
Don't be misled by inaccurate information about meditation!

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  1. As I have entered into the practice of Centering Prayer, I have been amazed at the pre-concieved notions I had! Thanks Sr. Ellie.


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